Jupyter for Accelerator Physics

R. Nagler, P. Moeller, D.L. Bruhwiler, C. Hall, N. Cook
Visit on figshare: slides

Jupyter is used extensively at RadiaSoft. We run a public and private JuptyerHub available at jupyter.radiasoft.org. Our Jupyter Docker image contains many popular particle accelerator and FEL beam physics codes, machine learning packages, and extensive visualization support. This talk covers how we use Jupyter and our experience with extending Jupyter and JupyterHub to meet our use cases.



  1. RadiaSoft Public JupyterHub Server
  2. RadiaSoft User Customization on GitHub
  3. Curl Installer library on GitHub
  4. Docker and Vagrant Builder on GitHub
  5. Beamsim image on GitHub
  6. Jupyter image on GitHub
  7. JupyterHub image on GitHub
  8. RSConf (Configuration Management Tool) on GitHub
  9. RSDockerSpawner on GitHub
  10. RadiaSoft on Docker Hub
  11. USPAS
  12. elegant
  13. EPICS
  14. FBPIC
  15. JSPEC
  16. OPAL
  17. Radia
  18. Shadow3
  19. SRW
  20. Synergia
  21. Warp
  22. Zgoubi
  23. SciPy
  24. TensorFlow
  25. TeX