RadiaSoft scientists are advancing the state of the art in simulation and design of high-power particle beams and directed radiation for research facilities, DOE national laboratories, and DoD services, laboratories, and prime contractors. 

We provide state-of-the-art research and development capabilities, while offering the flexibility and customer focus of a small business.

We develop intuitive browser-based GUIs for open-source, high-performance codes. Our algorithms and software solutions drive major improvements in accelerator design and research productivity. Our cloud-based computing will dramatically expand the user base.

Particle accelerator systems modeled and designed by RadiaSoft include electron linear accelerators, free-electron lasers, synchrotron radiation generated in electron rings, high-intensity proton synchrotrons and accumulator rings. Defense directed energy system applications include free electron lasers, compact X-ray sources, high-power radar, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) sources, and THz generation. 

Core Technology Capabilities

  • Innovation and in-depth knowledge of parallel high-performance computing
  • R&D in theoretical analysis, algorithm development, high-performance computing, and computational studies to improve the performance of particle accelerators
  • High performance modeling and design of ion accelerators, electron accelerators, and the associated charged particle beams, beam generated radiation pulses, free electron lasers, X-ray optics, and the interaction of ultra-short laser pulses and electron beams with plasmas or dielectric structure
  • Software development for directed energy systems, including free electron lasers, compact X-ray sources, high-power radar, EMP sources and THz generation
  • Customized adaptation of open-source, high-performance scientific and engineering software for ease of installation, use and upgrade
  • Intuitive browser-based GUIs
  • Customized solutions and technical support