RadiaSoft Names Dr. Jonathan Edelen President

RadiaSoft is rapidly expanding its products, partnerships, and personnel. We are excited to have Dr. Edelen’s talents in this position to provide ongoing leadership as we continue to grow and innovate.

RadiaSoft is happy to announce that Dr. Jonathan Edelen has been named President. An experienced member of the leadership team, Dr. Edelen will take over the duties of President effective immediately. Dr. David Bruhwiler, formerly President and CEO, will continue in the duties of CEO.

Dr. Edelen will be taking over day-to-day operations of the company. He will be primarily responsible for business development, as well as continuing to serve as Principal Investigator for multiple DOE grants focused on particle accelerator and Machine Learning technologies. 

“My vision for the company is sustainable growth as we develop innovative products and build partnerships with organizations of all sizes,” Dr. Edelen said. “I look forward to expanding our technical expertise into new areas of science and new application spaces.”

“I’m confident that Jon is the right person for this position,” said Dr. Bruhwiler. “He’s been an integral part of RadiaSoft for five years and has shown himself to be an excellent leader and innovator. The Board of Directors was unanimous in their decision to make this move and we look forward to working with him in this new role, while I focus on my responsibilities as CEO.”

Dr. Edelen is both an accomplished scientist and an experienced businessperson, with a broad range of experience in accelerator physics, Machine Learning, and business development. He studied Applied & Computational Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University, was awarded Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Colorado State University, and was the Bardeen Fellow at Fermilab.