Jupyter Server

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RadiaSoft’s Jupyter Server provides access to community physics codes on a public HPC server.

It is open and free for use by the public, and contains many popular accelerator and beam physics codes as well as other popular tools such as keras, tensorflow, etc.

Supported codes include:

  • Particle accelerators: Warp, elegant, MAD-X, Synergia, and OPAL
  • X-ray optics: Synchrotron Radiation Workshop (SRW), Shadow3
  • Free-electron lasers: Genesis

NOTE: You are required to have a GitHub account because the server uses the GitHub login to authorize you. RadiaSoft does NOT get access to your GitHub password nor does the server access your repositories or other personal data.

The JupyterHub Server uses GitHub OAuth in the minimal mode to authenticate the username. This enables RadiaSoft to create and maintain a persistent workspace for you. This workspace can then be easily accessed from any browser on any operating system.