Optical design and simulation of a new coherence beamline at NSLS-II

Garth J. Williams; Oleg Chubar; Lonny Berman; Yong S. Chu; Ian K. Robinson

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We will discuss the optical design for a proposed beamline at NSLS-II, a late-third generation storage ring source, designed to exploit the spatial coherence of the X-rays to extract high-resolution spatial information from ordered and disordered materials through Coherent Diffractive Imaging, executed in the Bragg- and forward-scattering geometries. This technique offers a powerful tool to image sub-10 nm spatial features and, within ordered materials, sub-Angstrom mapping of deformation fields. Driven by the opportunity to apply CDI to a wide range of samples, with sizes ranging from sub-micron to tens-of-microns, two optical designs have been proposed and simulated under a wide variety of optical configurations using the software package Synchrotron Radiation Workshop. The designs, their goals, and the results of the simulation, including NSLS-II ring and undulator source parameters, of the beamline performance as a function of its variable optical components is described.